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Hi everyone! Cari & Kassie here, creators of lush straws! Our inspiration behind our brand was pretty simple. 
  • We love to have fun
  • We love cocktails
  • Our favorite beverages of choice are more enjoyable with a straw
  • We also care about the environment and how bad single-use plastics really are!
  • We really dislike the soggy, paper straw alternative
The idea sparked during a trip to visit Cari in DC. To prepare for a night out on the town, Kassie had about 30 paper straws in her purse knowing how much paper straws, although better than plastic, still suck! With the growing ban of plastic straws in bars, resorts, and restaurants around the world, we knew we wanted to help make a difference and still enjoy a cocktail with a straw guilt & soggy free!
        Thus lush straws was born!
Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are produced every day, only to be used for a couple of minutes. Eventually, most of these straws end up in our oceans that are deadly to marine life and contaminate the food chain. The small act of choosing lush straws can help make a big change! Join us in saying no to plastic & look good doing it!

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