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Have you had a drink ruined by a paper straw?
In a world where we spend $5 - $15 for a coffee or cocktail it seems crazy for it to be ruined by a soggy straw! If you’re planning to travel soon, be prepared that many companies are doing their part to reduce plastic waste.
While this is incredibly needed and admirable it also is an inconvenience for all of us on ‘vacay.’ This is why Lush Straws were created! We’re lovers of the ocean and cocktails.
Many resorts in Mexico, Florida (including Disney) and all Marriott International properties have switched to paper straws or no straws at all. N.b.d. until you have ordered a Bloody Mary, an iced coffee or a blended drink (hello daiquiris, Where Yat?)
Have you tried to drink a boat drink without a straw? It’s not that great. Anything blended requires a straw. Next time you’re making your packing list add a package of our reusable straws. Don’t forget a pack for the kids.
 Photo by @katiebonn7
Lush Straws also introduced the straw wallet, Travel Straw Key Chain last summer- a compact Lush Straw which can clip on any bag, purse, or fanny pack ;) 
The Travel Straw Keychain is perfect for travel. They don’t take up a lot of space and come with a perfect itty bitty cleaner!
The straw can double as a reusable metal cocktail straw or full length reusable metal straw (that’s what she said)!
Be prepared for when a paper straw is presented to you *wink wink* pack some reusable Lush Straws! 
We’re hoping you get to travel more in 2021. 
Safe Travels. Stay Lush, 
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